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Music: Timeless and Universal

09-26-23 09:42 AM By Andy - Comment(s)
Music: Timeless and Universal
We often hear statements like " Music is the universal language" or "Music is timeless" and agree, but do not explore why that is the case. Hard facts are difficult to place a finger on when we look at the affects of music, though some are evident. Music is often considered timel...

Mindful Music Sessions

09-25-23 10:23 AM By Andy - Comment(s)
Mindful Music Sessions
Learn to play the Appalachian Dulcimer or Instrumental Guitar with Andy LeGrand. Sessions are individual, private, and led in a manner that allows the student to be submerged in deep and thoughtful experiences along a musical journey with a focus on Self-discovery through music education and creativ...

Parents, Unleash Your Child's Musical Passion: Exciting Bands LeGrand Music Studios!

08-13-23 06:40 PM By Andy - Comment(s)
Parents, Unleash Your Child's Musical Passion: Exciting Bands LeGrand Music Studios!
Is your child a music enthusiast, a hidden talent yearning for expression, or a seasoned musician seeking new avenues to showcase their skills? Look no further than LeGrand Music Studios, where the world of dynamic and engaging music awaits. Our esteemed music education studios invites kids and teen...

The Harmonious Journey: The Significance of Music Education at LeGrand Music Studios for All Ages

07-30-23 08:27 AM By Andy - Comment(s)
Music, an eternal art form transcending boundaries, has the power to connect souls and enrich lives. Beyond its captivating melodies and enchanting rhythms, music education at LeGrand Music Studios offers many cognitive, emotional, and social benefits for individuals of all ages. From fostering crea...

When and Where to Begin Music Lessons: A Guide by LeGrand Music Studios

07-20-23 09:26 AM By Andy - Comment(s)
Embarking on a musical journey through music lessons is a wonderful opportunity for personal growth and artistic expression. Whether you're a young child exploring the magical world of melodies or an adult pursuing a long-time passion, the timing and location of your music education matter. LeGrand ...