Review: The Elegance and Functionality of the Cordoba Stage Guitar

10-05-23 09:28 AM By Andy
When it comes to the world of classical guitars, there are few names as popular and respected as Cordoba. With a legacy that spans decades, Cordoba has consistently set the bar high for quality, consistency, and innovation. Among their illustrious lineup, the Cordoba Stage Guitar stands out as a true jewel, embodying the perfect blend of artistry and functionality.

I had a fantastic experience while performing with the Stage Guitar at an outdoor gig a few weeks ago, and became aware of some of the benefits of this incredible instrument. I am a classical player and instructor by trade, and though the neck is thinner than a traditional classical guitar, I found this guitar's neck to be extremely comfortable and perfect for the gig. The wood on this guitar has opened up a bit since I acquired it, and the resonance is quite impressive considering the smaller body. I was also less concerned about the temperature and humidity during the outdoor event than I am with my full-body instruments, and the tuning held even though the temperature was warm and shifting. The guitar's design and beauty received a good bit of attention as well. I enjoyed performing with the guitar as I played classical, original compositions, instrumental music from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. I even strummed and sang a tune requested requested by one of the event attendees. The balance, resonance and  I remain impressed by the versatility of this guitar!

What sets the Cordoba Stage Guitar apart is its ability to cater to a wide range of musical genres. Whether you're strumming soulful ballads, fingerpicking intricate melodies, or shredding energetic solos, this guitar responds to your every nuance, allowing for unparalleled expression. Its versatile tone makes it suitable for classical, flamenco, jazz, blues, and contemporary music, making it a favorite guitars in my collection.

Cordoba introduces its innovative Fusion Neck, featuring a comfortable 48mm nut width and a 16” Fretboard Radius. This design, slightly slimmer than traditional nylon string guitars, bridges the gap between nylon and steel string instruments. It offers a playing experience akin to steel string guitars, making it an effortless transition for steel string players and individuals with smaller hands entering the world of nylon strings.

To enhance portability, the guitar comes with a redesigned gig bag equipped with padded handles and strategically placed straps for easy transportation.

Check out the Cordoba Stage Guitar by clicking here.

At the core of the guitar is the groundbreaking Stage Pickup System, complemented by a solid, fully chambered body for reduced weight and superior resonance. This system allows for easy adjustment of acoustic tones through accessible Volume, EQ, and the low and high Body Blend knobs. Developed in collaboration with Fishman, the Stage Pickup System captures Cordoba's authentic, acoustic nylon-string sound, revolutionizing both sound quality and playability.

You can pick up a Cordoba Stage guitar at The first video is found on the product page at Sweetwater. The second video is as close to original sound as I could create with a single amp and no effects. Let's hear it!

This video was made by Cordoba, and it features some excellent artists and is absolutely running through state of the art effects equipment. 

This video is made my me and features only the guitar, an inexpensive amp and the room itself. The music in this video is representative of what a classically trained player might play.