Frequently Asked Questions

What instruments do you teach?

LeGrand Music offers fine music instruction in-person and online with a diverse and complete lesson and class selection. Our skilled instructors offer classical guitar, blues guitar, folk guitar, violin, viola, piano, voice, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, music theory, appreciation, history, and composition. (This list is not all-inclusive.)

How many lessons are taught each month?

Our monthly pricing is based upon a 47-week year. The studio will not be open the following weeks: 1st week of January, Knox County Schools’ Spring Break, One during the Summer, Knox County Schools’ Fall Break, and the last week of December. Each month has the potential for four lessons, one taught each week, except December, which will have only three lessons.

What is your Music School Calendar
LeGrand Music School is open four weeks monthly, from January through November, and three weeks during December. The calendar below indicates the weeks in each school month. Lessons that fall on July 4 and Thanksgiving Holidays are not taught nor rescheduled.. On our calendar, January, March, and October are months with five weeks, and we will not teach one week during these months. The months of June and July have flexible schedules, as these months are a period of vacations for students and instructors and schedules will be adjusted based upon needs, duration of lessons may be adjusted during this time to ensure all hours are met.

What are the rates of your lessons?
LeGrand Music's private lesson costs begin at $28.50* per lesson. 
30-minute private lesson, $30 per lesson, $120 per month. 
45-minute private lesson, $45 per lesson, $180 per month. 
60-minute private lesson, $60 per lesson, $240 per month. 
All instruments taught at LeGrand Music are available as private lessons. Some instruments are taught additionally in group-based classes.
How do my payments work?

Our music school payment policy is simple. We accept payments online via bank draft and credit cards or in person by check. Tuition should be paid in full by the 1st of each month.

What are your terms and conditions?

LeGrand Music offers affordable music lessons with no contracts and no strings attached.

What is your cancellation policy?
We like to keep things simple and fair regarding lesson makeups and cancellations. Some lessons do not need to be canceled but instead moved online. Please remember that we will meet you online at your regular lesson time if you are ill, or have logistical challenges for the day, and cannot come to lessons, but well enough to meet online. If you cannot come in, and are not well enough to meet online, the lesson is considered "canceled," and the following policies apply. 

Missed Lessons: If a student misses a lesson anytime for any reason, Studio instructors are not required to make up the individual lesson. Instead, a fun and educational hour-long group music class focusing on music theory, songwriting, or music history will be offered on an announced Saturday each month at 10:00 AM at the Studios. This class will make up for the time missed during a lesson. Andy LeGrand will teach this class. Use this form to sign up for the makeup class.

Canceled Classes: Regular group classes will receive no makeup unless the entire class is canceled. 

Late to Lesson: If a student is late for a lesson by 15 minutes, the lesson will be considered "missed" Instructor Cancellations: If an instructor cancels a lesson, then a makeup lesson will be given. The studio instructor will work out instructor makeup individually. Refunds are not part of our cancellation and makeup policy. 

We understand life gets a little wild for everyone occasionally, and we are committed to working together to make sure we square up on time with you.